Would you like to teach a musical instrument? Do you already teach but feel that you lack the tools to communicate your knowledge well to your students?
This virtual mentoring program, offered as a six-week pilot project, is for you! Piano teacher for fifteen years, I offer you the possibility of being helped in teaching an instrument if you are new to the field.
Registrations start now; take advantage, participation in this pilot project is completely free! If you wish to continue as a mentee after the six weeks of the project, you will be offered a discount on the requested rate.

During the first week, a one-hour virtual meeting on the platform of your choice will be set up to allow me to get to know you better: we will discuss your studies and your experiences with the public. I will also share with you information about myself and my own work experiences. We will then discuss your own learning to play your instrument, what your teachers and mentors have given you, and what you have missed in your musical journey. I will finally give you some food for thought for the next virtual meeting.

Thereafter, meetings will take place over a five-week period, with virtual contact for approximately one hour per week, and discussion topics will be determined by the mentor and mentee.

After the six weeks of virtual meetings, I will accompany you in the field by attending piano lessons, virtual or face-to-face. This will allow me to see you act as a teacher and give me the opportunity to assist you as much as possible. A virtual meeting will follow the instrument course by a day or two, so that I can share my thoughts with you and give you some avenues for learning.

When you feel ready to teach on your own, we will continue our virtual meetings once a week or every two weeks, depending on your needs.

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Thank you for your time!