Piano Teaching


I teach piano since 2005: I started as an affiliated teacher at Ecole de Musique Vincent-d'Indy, after finishing my double-dec in Music, Arts & Letters at the CEGEP. Afterwards, I started giving private piano lessons, at my own or my student's home. It gave me the opportunity to travel in very diversified environments; I have more experience with children, most of all 7 to 12 years old, but I start teaching as soon as the child reaches 5 years old, until 18 years old. I also teach to adults since around 6 years.


During the school year, I teach three days a week at Music School Le Jardin Musical, on the south shore of Montreal.

It is also possible to take lessons bi-weekly for adults.

Lesson time

Usually, with younger children, I offer 30 minutes lessons since their focus & attention time is limited. They can easily go up to lessons of 3/4 hour as soon as 7 or 8 years old, then when they turn 10, the children can receive one hour lessons.

For my rates, please contact me in private.

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